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Taking Office 365 for a spin with Nintex Mobile.

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Hazaa !! I hear the crowds say.. Here it is Nintex Mobile Version 3 .. But why the fanfare? Well, Nintex Mobile now also supports Nintex Forms for Office 365. So let me take you on a little journey to show you what this means and how to get started.

Let’s take a look at a health and safety check list “Slips, Trips and Falls” .. Firstly, we need to build out the list.


Now there is nothing special about this list.. But it is in the context of its usage. A majority of “Slips, Trips and Falls” aren't happening in the office around your computer. They are happening out on construction sites, factory floors, and generally away from the office. Getting timely information, which also tends to be more accurate if recorded at the time of the accident is imperative in the modern workforce for a number of reasons which we don’t need to get into.

One of the things that businesses are starting to do, is to move to the cloud. This is great, but it requires you to be connected to the internet to process anything. So what if we could give you a way to fill these forms at the right time, regardless of whether you are connected to a network or not.

Enter Nintex Forms, but more specifically Nintex Forms for O365.


Opening up Nintex Forms from the ribbon, we are presented with the Forms designer already to go with our list converted..


Because my labels (Field Names) are so large, I’m going to need to sort this out.


After a little formatting, I have my new form. Well, at least the desktop version. I need to get this out to my field workers, and to do this I can now create the Nintex Mobile layout for this form. Over to the right of the design screen you will see the Properties Panel. If not, select the properties button in the ribbon. Inside the properties panel you will find layouts.

Select “Add More Layouts”.


Then select the “Nintex Mobile Phone” layout.


Before I go and publish this, I’m going to setup a new category for the Mobile App to display the form in. Selecting the “Form Settings” button in the ribbon, scroll to the bottom of the screen and expand the “Nintex Mobile Settings” menu.


I have now made 3 or 4 minor graphical adjustments to my Nintex Mobile App form and I’m ready to deploy.

Once I have deployed my form, I can go to my device. In this case I’m using my Nokia Lumia 1020. On opening the Nintex Mobile app, I am directed to the login screen.


Select the “Office 365 Account” button and then enter your tenancy url ‘https://{domain}’ (Note: this will only work if you have Nintex Forms for Office 365 activated on your tenancy)


On entering all the required information, you will get prompted to enter your O365 login credentials. Once authenticated, the main screen will load up. Select the ‘forms’ item.

12.png 5.png

From here, you will see all of the forms you have published with the Nintex Mobile layout.  Select the form of choice to open it. In this case, I only have one.


I'm ready to get these incidents recorded now, regardless of where I am.

For further details on Nintex Mobile and or Nintex Forms for O365 check out these links.

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Nintex Newbie

Great to see this functionality is now available Dan, great post