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Store your generated documents in Salesforce Files

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With Nintex Drawloop Document Generation v12, customers can now automatically attach their generated documents to Salesforce Files. Previously, generated documents would store back to the record as an Attachment under the Notes and Attachments section. With the added support of storing generated documents to Salesforce Files, customers can now leverage the powerful features offered by Salesforce Files such as document versioning, file preview, robust sharing permissions, etc. 


First, you will need to specify if you want Nintex Drawloop to store attachments in 'Notes and Attachments' or 'Files'. To do this, navigate to the Drawloop Admin tab and click Configuration in the left-hand menu. Then click Settings.

Once you are on the Settings page, locate the Organization-Wide Settings section and select 'Salesforce Files'. 

Lastly, navigate to your Delivery Option. Under the Attach Options section, ensure the Allow Document Storage checkbox is marked and Store As is set to 'Attachment'. 


Now when you generate a document using a Delivery Option set to attach back to the record the output file will be stored in Salesforce Files.