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Remembering a community leader and friend - Tom Castiglia

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
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As one of the community leaders, I wanted to take the opportunity to share an update about a friend and member of the community that made such a large impact on many of us. 

Tom Castiglia was one of those guys that just got stuff done, helped where he could and was fun to hang around. While he wasn't the loudest person in the room, if you ever wanted to get super technical and geek out about documents, converting PDFs and OCR technology along with different solutions; he was the guy who offered a unique way to look at it.

On January 26, 2019 Tom Castiglia of Scripps Ranch was hiking with friends in Lakeside in San Diego County. He told friends he was experiencing shortness of breath. Members of the hiking group navigated their way into an area with cell phone coverage and called for help. When they returned Tom was missing. Working with the San Diego County Sheriff and Search and Rescue, Tom’s body was located overnight and identified Sunday. 

Tom leaves behind his wife Martha and his son Ben, a freshman at Arizona State University.

To celebrate his life and what he achieved, including starting up a company DocFluix to help others, I have captured a few of his most viewed contributions to the community. More importantly, if you want to contribute to his family, here is a link to a memorial fund setup in his name This was pulled from his LinkedIn profile for anyone wanting to find out more there.

Thanks Tom for all you've done for us.


Automation Master
Automation Master

Will miss you, Tom. 

Nintex Newbie

Even though I only once had the opportunity to meet Tom in person (at InspireX 2017 in New Orleans), he was a great guy to hang out with. It feels only a couple of days ago talking to him, engaging in the community and just hanging out in a bar.