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Remember To "Mark Correct"

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One central function of a community is to provide useful information for others to resolve their own questions.  In Nintex Connect, a lot of people come seeking answers to questions they have about Nintex Products.  To be a helpful community member,  remember to click "mark correct" on replies to your questions when you get them.

What difference does it make? 

A lot.  Allow me to peel back the curtain a bit...

For starters, marking an answer correct helps that questions show up higher in search results.  That's right, a question with an accepted answer gets treated with greater value in the search algorithm in the community and shows up higher in search results.  

Take a look:

search results

Not even Google gives you that value.  Here's the same search from Google. Sure, it tells you there's community content, but it doesn't tell you what's the most valuable content!

search results w google only

Which is why I ALWAYS recommend that after you land in the community, use the search function for your question and see what results pop up. Chances are someone else has asked/answered a similar question, and you could find the info you seek.

And then in a visual cue, marking a correct answer changes the blue question icon to a green checkmark.  That is a quick, easy way to see at a glance that there's a correct answer!  See:

correct answer pic

So, even though it's convenient to read an email from the community, see a suggestion to try and then go about your business, please take a moment to click the link to the discussion and mark an answer correct if you find one.