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Our first 2017 Rock Star!

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We're scarcely half way through 2017, and we've already seen one community member attain Rock Star status!

Congrats to Marian Hatala‌, who is a Nintex customer and member of our community Blue Ribbon Group!

Marian spends a lot of time in Nintex Connect answering questions.  His advice is always to the point and he really knows his stuff!

Thank you, Marian!

The Blue Ribbon members do a lot to help others in the community. See the entire list here: Blue Ribbon Group for 2017 Announced!

Find out what it means to be a Rock Star here: Be a Community Rock Star!‌ 

See where you rank by visiting the homepage and finding our leaderboard in the lower-right corner.  Or, visit your profile (click: Avatar>view profile>reputation).

profile marian

Find out about how to collect badges and points and work your way up that community status ladder here: Badges and Earning Points on the Site

You may want to "follow" someone who provides a lot of valuable information. Just hover over their name in the community and click "follow" on the card that pops up. Or click their name and visit their profile page and click "follow" next to their name in the banner.  You'll then get notifications of their activity. A good group of people to follow are those in the Blue Ribbon Group, or the people who make the monthly Honor Roll.

You can see those here:

Maybe you, too, can reach rock star status this year! Still lots of time to find out!

Workflow Hero

feeling like rock star, ha ha ha

Workflow Hero

Congrats ‌! You've been working super hard and your efforts are super appreciated. I've learned so much from you over the past year, it's not even funny!

Keep doing what you're doing!!!

Workflow Hero

A simple like doesn't seem enough to show the appreciation of the community to those big contributors on here.

Good work!

Workflow Hero

Congrats ‌!!

Workflow Hero

 Wow! Congrats!

Workflow Hero

thanks to all!

I don't think it's any special achievement. I just was lucky enough to cross some limit first.

if the limit was different, I believe any of you might have been "the star".

important is, imho, we help each other. like ‌ mentioned, she learned something from me, I definitely did from her or any others.

so, keep going all!

Workflow Hero

Congratulations! Even there is nothing more to achieve this year you can still define new limits for next year

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