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October Mission: "20 Questions" (Or maybe 30)

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Our October Mission hearkens back to a 1940s and '50s radio and TV quiz show.  Or maybe it only harkens back to your last big family gathering when Uncle Murray entertained everyone while you waited for delivery because Aunt Mabel burned the casserole.  Not that I've experienced that. Or perhaps it only goes back as far as the last time you and a friend were stuck at an airport with a dead mobile phone, four hours to kill and no spare cash. It's "20 Questions!"


(screengrab from the TV version of the show)

Well, it's 30 questions, actually, but who's counting?  Oh, right, I am.  No matter.  The goal here is to help the Community -- and watch your status grow with your point total.

The premise of 20 Questions, the game, for those of you who've never played it, is to think of an object and allow players to ask 20 questions to figure out what that object is.  In our Nintex version, we flip the concept.  We have no object, but we do have a lot of unanswered questions and you have answers!

Below are 30 questions from various Forums on Nintex Connect:  Learn More, Getting Started and Nintex For Office 365.  Each correct answer earns the usual points, but after October ends, I'll award an additional 200 points for each correct answer!*

If your question is on the list, remember to mark the answer correct and thank the person who helped you!

UPDATE 10/8: If you provide a correct answer, please send me a direct message ( Frank Field​).  I'll cross out that question as answered and I'll replace it!


We explain it all in a video.

The upshot here is that you get a chance to help someone, another member gets a much-needed answer, and I get to award you extra points just for doing what makes this community great anyway.


Frank, your Community Manager

The Thirty Questions:

*Is there a catch? Yes, you can't mark your own answer correct.  If it turns out you answer your own question, I, along with a panel of fabulous judges I scrounge up from the Nintex lunchroom, will determine whether to award the points for that.