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O365 May release - Try the query list action !

Nintex Newbie
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We are really excited this month with a new action coming out for Nintex Workflow O365, the Query List action .

You may be aware of the already existing "Office365 Query List". This new one is much more user friendly and has been designed to query the list on your current site, without having to select any user or to write any CAML Query.

QueryList logo.JPG

Let's take a first tour of the features!

  • You will find your new action in the "Libraries and List" section of the Actions ToolPane
  • When you drag N drop the action, you will notice that you can simply select in a list one of the list or library you want to query from your current site

ListSelection.png      (don't you feel to be like on the On-Prem version already?)

  • Filtering. It almost looks like you are creating a Sharepoint view! You can select all or a set of items based on filters (possibility to test string with ( <, >, =, Contains (yuhu!), Begins with...).  You can even filter using an OData filter string.


  • Sorting.How rude would it be if there weren't any sorting capabilities, of course there are!! You can sort on any field of the item

sorting.JPG          The limitation here is that we can't sort based on Managed metadata Fields, Multiple Values fields or calculated fields

  • Parameters like :
    • Maximum numbers of Rows : Choose a number or a calculated number from the workflow context or variable.
    • Output Type : you can choose to retrieve a single collection of data or several collection (split by the amount of columns selected)
    • Columns to Select : Select any columns from your list to be retrieved in your result.
      One interesting feature is when you select a Person field : you'll be then able to select any propertie (like name, email, department, manager...) from this person to be retrieved!
    • Output : Based on your output Type, you will have to put one or more Collection variables
    • Result Count : Get the amount of items retrieved !


This is a really nice, well designed action that will definitly make your life easier when you have to work with list (and we always do, right?).

The previous O365 Query List action will still be usefull when you will have to work on multi site or multi tenant environment, querying lists from other sites!

Thanks Dev team for this super action!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Great to see O365 version maturing at such a fast pace! Keep up the excellent work.

Nintex Newbie

we are almost there!

The gap is closing!!

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Keep up the great work!!

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This is awesome and will save so many steps! Thank you!

Nintex Newbie

And some improvements for this actions are also coming soon !!