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Nintex Workflow Cloud - July 2017 Roundup

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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Hi Friends!


July has been a busy month here at Nintex Workflow Cloud (and the whole of Nintex). I want to take the opportunity to highlight some of the key features and capabilities released and why you might want to use them.


  • Express approval support for task escalation - you now have the ability to escalate the task you have assigned or choose to complete the tasks by setting it to the default outcome after the original task has not been responded to timely manner (you can set the time of escalation of course).
  • Disabling (and enabling) actions in the designer - as a designer you'll be able to disable both unconfigured and configured workflow actions. Very handy when you're progressively designing your workflow or troubleshooting / testing your workflow. If you're asking "Can I publish a workflow with disabled unconfigured action(s)?", Yes! You absolutely can. So if you're stubbing out your workflow and want to progressively build it out - you can most certainly do that. When you're ready to add the next action, simply configure and enable.
  • New identity management service for use across cloud-based Nintex technologies. This is a foundation piece in enabling single sign-on capability across our cloud based Nintex products and eventually connecting your own identity federation service (i.e. Azure AD). You can read more about it here

Other notable updates - we've made improvements on how we receive events from third party SaaS providers and increased the responsiveness of the workflow designer canvas. As for connectors and actions, we've added the ability to return email address for a person type field when using the SharePoint Connector - Retrieve an item action and support for PATCH in the Call web service action.


What are we actively working on? We're currently focused on

  • Collapsible actions - ability to collapse / expand container and multi branching actions such as For each, Express approval, Branch by condition, Branch by value, etc.
  • Ability to look up a user's manager in Azure Active Directory
  • Improvements to the overall interaction of the workflow designer and applying some of the updated controls and interactions available in recently released connectors (SharePoint) to existing connectors (Dropbox, Box, Salesforce, etc.)

Disclaimer, the features above are not a definitive list and may also change without prior notice. So please do not commit to solutions or deliverables based on the above items until you have seen them in Production.Thanks!


If you'd like to reach out and talk about new ideas, improvements or challenges you've had using the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform, please drop me a message or reach out through the comments.