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Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK weekly update - 15th June 2015

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This week's intended update was a little ambitious - the new sample described in last week's blog post won't ship this week, so I can ensure quality code. However, I've shipped quite a bit of new and updated content, including:

Next week's intended update will include:

  • A new sample, ExecuteSqlScalarWithDeploy, which demonstrates how to use a SharePoint feature to programmatically deploy the ExecuteSqlScalar custom workflow action.
  • New content about programmatically deploying custom workflow actions, using SharePoint.
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Nintex Newbie

Hi Dennis,

great job on the regular updates to the SDK!! I really like the guidance and documentation.

However - is there also a way to get an offline-version of the sdk, that I could take with me, when I'm on the road?

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Unfortunately, the SDK is only available online.

Nintex Newbie

That's a real bummer - and since the website is all javascript based my god ol' HTTrack won't work either

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Trust me, I understand - one of the challenges to making the SDK available for offline view is the sheer topic count (31K+ topics.) We are, however, investigating the possibility of offline delivery, in one of a variety of formats - I'm not sure it'll happen, but, stay tuned...

Automation Master
Automation Master

Keep up the great work on the SDK, it is looking really nice!

Nintex Newbie

I understand the challenge. I would think of something like CHM files, the way they get generated from source code comments using sandcastle and stuff. Just a thought.