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Nintex Subscription Licensing Information

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Announcing Subscription Licensing from Nintex

Nintex is providing more choice, value and flexibility by now offering Workflow based subscription licensing, for all on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments of the Nintex Workflow platform.

You get more than just workflows

For customers, this means you pay for what you use in an easy to understand way based on workflows, not deployment decisions.  And you get a lot more than Workflows. This chart shows the differences between Standard and Enterprise packages:


Under this model, depending upon which plan you choose, your price per Workflow goes down dramatically the more Workflows you use.

Contact your Nintex Representative or Nintex Partner  to find out more.

Workflow Hero

I am a fairly new user of Nintex Forms and Workflows (Office 365) but no one explained the workflow-based pricing. And maybe if they did, I would not have been able to comprehend it since I had never worked with or created a workflow before. And let me preface this comment with: I have done A LOT of googling and research on Nintex topics over the last 6+ months, since I had to teach myself how to use it. Plus, I am a senior technical writer and am all about explaining things in a clear and concise manner... and highlighting important information that new users need to understand!

So I reached out to our Nintex account manager and had a very enlightening call today. I found out that a 'billiable workflow' is one that uses six or more actions in a workflow that is published in a Production environment. Now how simply stated is that? And where is that explained... anywhere?? So if you have one workflow with one action (e.g., only one email in the workflow), you won't be 'billed' for this workflow when you publish it in Production--i.e., it will not be counted as one of your 'workflows used'. Plus, the concept of selecting DEVELOPMENT vs PRODUCTION when publishing is not fully explained--as it counts toward your Subscription Workflow Limit. Unfortunately, I created two workflows with over six actions in each and published them both to PRODUCTION--not knowing what that meant or how it would count toward my 'includes up to 5 workflow' license limit.

In summary, these concepts are not explained in our Nintex quote (order) or in emails from our initial Nintex rep--nor anywhere else in my previous attempts to research this topic on the internet. I found this 'page' when googling Nintex pricing (after my Nintex account manager phone call) and just noticed the PDF attachment, 'Nintex Subscription Pricing Program Definitions', which explains the term Limited Action Worklfow (comprised of not more than five (5) Nintex Design Actions and will not count towards the applicable Subscription Workflow Limit), That's the first time I've heard that phrase and the first time I've read anything about less than 5 actions not counting  toward your limit. The rest of the definitions are very brief, vague, and not really helpful.

Nintex is a great product but clear explanations on how the workflow-based pricing works is an IMPORTANT concept and cannot be found.

Workflow Hero

I admit, we neither had received clear explanations in a call when per-workflow model was proposed to us. Fortunately, we stayed on per-server.