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Nintex Promapp's Reporting API release

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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The latest Nintex Promapp release includes the new Reporting API, offering the freedom to report the information you want, the way you want to see it, and when you want it.

With the adaptability of Promapp for business needs, it’s all but impossible for us to create the numerous different reports each customer might want and still keep the platform responding efficiently. Since reporting, particularly within the improvement module, has been the primary request from a number of clients, we have developed the Improvement Reporting API to allow users to customise and create exactly the reports they want from their Nintex Promapp data.

The reporting API uses a secure OData feed to query the information from your Nintex Promapp site and provide it in a versatile format. Each site generates its own secure tokens to ensure the data cannot be accessed outside of the API. The outputs are able to be read by Excel, PowerBI or a similar tool for versatile reporting.

The feed of data refreshes every time the reporting platform (such as a spreadsheet) is opened, ensuring the reports are always up to date, in real time. By utilizing the versatility of tools like Excel, users can create custom dashboards or filtering forms to identify the key data they need at any point, including reporting on trends over time and cumulative effects.

The Reporting API is currently only available for the Improvement add on, but we will be developing the functionality further in the coming months to include the core process platform and later other add ons like the Risk Manager and Training add on.


You can learn more about how it works and configuring the API for yourself in our help documentation.