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Nintex Mobile – Runtime Rules Work on Android but not on iOS, Windows or Windows Phone

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We get this question a lot that why some Runtime Rules work on Android but not on iOS, Windows or Windows Phone. So if you have created a validation rule or formatting rule in Nintex Forms which works on Android but not the other mobile devices, most probably the issue is that you have used a custom JavaScript syntax instead of Nintex Form functions somewhere in your rule.

In most of the cases we have seen, users use == instead of equals(), > instead of greaterThan or < instead of smallerThan functions.

For example if you are writing a function to check age which is entered in AgeTextBox control you have to write it like this “greaterThan(18,AgeTextBox)”. This would work on all platforms but if you write it as “AgeTextBox > 18″ it would NOT work and is basically not supported.

To make sure your Rules work properly on all platform use the functions provided in by Nintex Form and avoid writing any custom JavaScript function in your Rules.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

When building rules in O365 you get the Operators references. Are these supported and seen differently as when doing so on premise?

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I have the opposite problem and feel like I'm chasing my tail.  Actually writing it out here helped me highlight a possible difference between Choice and Single Line Textbox controls...

I have a Formatting Rule on a Panel that works fine in "Desktop" layout, but does not work in "Nintex Mobile Phone" layout on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running Android 6.0.1 with Nintex Mobile App v4.4.4.

The original rule that works on the Desktop layout is:

or(isNullOrEmpty(namedControlChoiceName), not(equals(namedControlChoiceName, "choice column string name")))

then hide a panel with 2 controls, but that doesn't work on the Nintex Mobile Phone layout.

A simplified rule that also works on the Desktop layout is:


then hide a panel with 2 controls, but that doesn't work on the Nintex Mobile Phone layout either.

To try and get a baseline I also created a new panel with just a label in it, in just the Nintex Mobile Phone layout, and a simplified rule of:

contains(namedControlSingleLineTextboxName, "1")

and that actually does work!

Is this a limitation of Choice controls in the Nintex Mobile Phone layout in general, or just for Android?  Or is there still something I'm missing??  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Try the same formula again, but in the Panel control settings under visible attribute. This would be in place of using a rule. Let me know your results.