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Nintex Mobile Deep Linking

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Automation Master
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There are so many applications to using the Nintex Mobile App. You can create items from forms, respond to tasks. Then we were given Mobile Enterprise to create our own apps with specified forms. To add to this we learned how to link directly to a form on our mobile app using the methods described in Dude you're so deep, Nintex Mobile deep linking that is..

As seen in the details of the help documentation, Nintex mobile linking uses the format nintexmobile://[{ACTION}][?{PARAMETERS}]

You can build Nintex Mobile links that perform the following functions.

  • Form navigation: Display a specific form in Nintex Mobile.
  • Authentication: Launch Nintex Mobile with pre-populated authentication fields.

Use Nintex Mobile links to ease deployment of Nintex Mobile in your organization.

  • Customers and employees can quickly access forms with form navigation-enabled links. They don't have to remember the form name or location. All they need to do is tap or click the link on their mobile device and then sign in.
  • Customers and employees can easily sign in with authentication-enabled links. They don't have to remember their authentication type, URL, or domain. All they need to do is tap or click the link on their mobile device and then enter a password.

All of this is explained in the links above, except how to find the form's ID in order to add the the parameters. So if we need to build the link nintexmobile://form?id=c0a89c70-0781-4bd4-8623-f73675005e00, then where does the guid come from.

Currently there are only two ways to get the Form's ID, but hopefully soon there could be new alternatives. The first method, if you have onprem SharePoint, could be to look inside the Nintex forms database. But a much easier method is to Export the form and examine the XML.

To export a form:

  1. Open the form that you want to export by accessing the Nintex Forms designer for the associated list or library.
  2. In the Designer tab of the Forms designer ribbon, click Export. The browser determines if the site is trusted and then initiates the file download process.
  3. Respond to prompts from the web browser to download and save the form

Once you have this xml file, open it in notepad and search for the tag <MobileId>

Copy out the GUID and place it after the nintexmobile://form?id= and send it in an email and click within your phone. That's it!.

I posted the suggestion to find the ID in a means of query or reference in the Uservoice, please vote!

Nintex Newbie

Is it possible to link directly to a specific item so that an existing item can be updated via the nintex mobile app?

Automation Master
Automation Master

Not today, but there is a user voice request for this ability. Ability to open up existing items from the Mobile App – Customer Feedback for Nintex

Nintex Newbie

Not sure how this announcement specifically supports this scenario - can you elaborate?

Automation Master
Automation Master

Thanks Jonathan for pointing that out. That announcement and new feature provides the ability for the Mobile App to keep a copy of Sent items from your device and app to be viewed again post submission. But it doesn't allow you to view items in the list created by other users. Is that what you are looking for?