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Nintex Forms Hide the ribbon

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Hey guys hiding the ribbon with Nintex Forms 2013  is easy  is simple and sweet.

  • Open Nintex form
  • Select Code


Enjoy !!!

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Kamal Pandey << NWF$("#s4-ribbonrow").hide(); >>

This is all very helpful to totally disable the ribbon.  I'm using it in my forms.  Thank you.

If however, all a person wants to do is disable the [Save] and [Cancel] buttons in the ribbon, and if you are using the standard  [Save and Submit] and [Cancel] buttons in your form, the properties for the [Save and Submit] and [Cancel] buttons include a "Ribbon" => "Show on Ribbon" pull down for selecting Yes, No or Expression.  Setting this to "No" removes the [Save] and [Cancel] buttons from the ribbon.

Nintex Newbie

How do we do this in responsive forms? I see no location in form settings to enter custom code.

Nintex Newbie

Why wouldn't it work for me? I do exactly as you say.

I use the &isdlg=4 URL for the form in display mode, the form displays without the local navigation, but it still has the ribbon! Any ideas?