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March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!

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March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!

spyglasses.pngWe're going hunting! Scavenger hunting, specifically!

In March, you'll hunt through Nintex Connect and hunt for treasure.

But you won't need a map.

All you'll need is Search and Smarts and perhaps a little ingenuity.

Below are five questions.  Hunt for the answers and post your responses in a DOCUMENT in the Nintex Gallery. Each completed entry wins 200 points! (I probably don't have to say this, but don't copy someone else's because some of these results will be unique to your own account.)

It may seem involved at first glance, but I bet you can complete this mission in no more than 20  minutes if you right-click links to open them in new tabs to make copying URLs easier. 

  1. scavenger hunt.pngPost links to the top three content items you find if you search "workflow" and then sort by "last modified"
  2. What eight people show up if you use Dynamic Search* for "forms" and then hover over the "people" list?  Please @mention them in your document in Nintex Gallery​.
  3. Link the first blog post Vadim Tabakman​ posted in this community.
  4. Search for "nintex mobile" and @-mention the 35th entry when filtered for "people."
  5. Link to the most recent blog post you find related to the "state machine."

BONUS:  For an extra 100 points (you'll ONLY get these if you complete the five questions above), answer this:
When using Dynamic Search, there are three categories listed before you even type in a term. What are they? Write down the number of listings you personally have under the third category.


Thank you to the winner in our February Mission - Talkin' 'bout Doc G-G-G-Generation...​!

Francois Souyri​ posted My first Document Generation pilot is not looking too bad

Thank you, Francois! Your first Doc Gen pilot looks great!

*That means typing search terms into the search box, but NOT hitting the "enter" or "return" key.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Quick Tip: you can copy and paste the links in your responses, or you can use the @ sign to locate the articles and people. If you use this method, use the underscore _ as spaces to the words in the title of the article to locate it.

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Thanks, Andrew Glasser​! And thanks to alerting me to Marian Hatala​'s post, where there was some confusion over the fourth question.  I've tweaked it now. 

The point is to see the search results page and use a filter rather than relying only on Dynamic Search.  Which people are doing.  :)