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Making the Most of Community Features

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We've made a few changes on the community, and I thought it was a good time to provide an update on how to find some new features and get more out of your time here. I'll outline the changes and then dive into some of the best ways to use Nintex Connect.

First, you've probably noticed we removed the icons on the landing page.  That's because we have so many spaces, we wanted to surface quick access to them all. You can click them directly below our banner or find even more by clicking the menu items in the black bar across the top of the page and seeing what's in the dropdown menus.


We've also added a new widget to the upper-right corner, which will take you to Nintex websites for corporate and product information and the Nintex Learning Center.

Let's dive briefly into the "forums," which we also refer to as "spaces."

Getting Started

This is where you literally get started with help with Nintex for SharePoint, Nintex Forms and mobile forms. If you're new to Nintex products, this is a good place to search for answers to your questions and to post new questions.  If you think you'll post a question starting with, "I'm new to NIntex, and..." then this is where your question belongs.


You'll notice on the left side of the page that we've provided links to information on our products. Below that is recent content.  On the right are quick links to "ask a question" and product help links.

Read more on asking questions in this blog post Where can I find the forums and ask questions?

Where's the Content?

Each space has a Recent Content area on the main page, this is where you'll see the most recent discussions on that space. Look out for it to see new, and newly responded to posts.

If you want to browse through all the discussions, and questions on a space you'll need to go to the Content tab of the area of interest. Here you'll be able to browse through any discussions, documents or blog posts.


You can also filter by latest activity, or by a specific tag, even use the Categories on the left-hand side to find information in that category. Break it down further by selecting either blog posts, documents or discussions!


How to "follow" Content or a Person

Did you find a document you want to return to? Or maybe you want to know if it ever gets updated. Or maybe you want to know when a community member posts new content.  Just "follow" that person.  Simply look for the "actions" link in the upper-right corner of a page. Click it for the "follow" option.  Now make sure your profile is set so you receive notifications (click your avatar in the upper-right and select "preferences"). If you do that, you'll get notifications on updates!


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Thanks for sharing Frank Field​!

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An oldie that I thought might be helpful. :)