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List Lookup Filtering enhancement

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Good News!

With the latest update for Nintex Forms ( List Lookup Control has been enhanced.

In the release notes you find: "Fixed an issue where the List Lookup filter may not work when Source View specified."

So with that fixed, you now have the possibility, to filter data with multiple parameters, based on your Source View.

For example:

I have a SharePoint-List named "Contracts" and I only want to display items of a particular company, where Currency Status equals "Active".


Configuration of my List Lookup Control looks like this:


And the result is very #2015


(Note: Currently, "CompanyName"-Control has to be a Single Line Text Control. Calculated Value Controls are not supported (yet?))

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Hi all. Has anyone tried using filtered List Lookup control with a list view after installing version 2.9.0? We had it running fine on v.2.4.0 but now all our Teams lookups (filtered by Faculty) no longer scroll past 30 items (see screenshot). I have fixed this by increasing the number of items displayed in the view, but shouldn't this have been fixed as per the release notes:

Bug Fixes (v.2.9.0)

    • Changed List Lookup limit if view not specified. Previously was limited to 2000 items but will now show all items. (97733)
    • Fixed an issue where the List view may not accept filter values using a list lookup controls value (00092973; 00096176)

Bug Fixes (v.

    • Fixed an issue where the List Lookup filter may not work when Source View specified (00090316; 00091388; 00091545;00092349)

PS. The full list of teams is displayed properly if I remove the View.

PPS. We also just updated SP Server 2013 to CU January 2016 (​ ).


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So I created a support ticket with Nintex and this was their response:

I double checked with one of our development team, and I was advised that the List Lookup control was actually rebuilt in v2.6.0 and one of the changes to the control was to alter the way it collected data. Before v2.6 the lookup control would get the lookup information as the Form loaded, while now it will load data as the control is used for the first time instead. This was to help with the overall performance of the Form.

Unfortunately one side affect of this is that it will now more accurately reflect the settings in the list views themselves, so while before it would allow the Form to over-ride any view limits, it will now adhere to the limits in the view itself.

If there is no view specified it should still be loading all items, but as soon as you put a view in it will start to limit the amount displayed.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused in your case!

Makes sense. So the solution is to either:

  1. Not use list views in a filtered list lookup (so it would default to the default view), or
  2. Modify the view to show all items at once.

For large lists (> about 250 items), we use option #1.

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Dear -

I am so dissapointed in this product, there are no words for this. Even a simple filter doesn't work.


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It does not support on the mobile devices, not completely. It does not show everything.