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Lightning Fast Document Generation in Salesforce1

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While attending the Salesforce World Tour in NYC this month, I was asked multiple times if it is possible to generate a document from a mobile device using Nintex Drawloop Document Generation. The use cases varied: field service representatives needing to collect signatures on completed work orders, sales teams needing to send out invoices while traveling during month end, travel agents needing to send updated itineraries on the fly, etc. With the Drawloop Lightning Component, admins can easily configure a Salesforce1 action with no code required! 


First, you will need to create an Action. Navigate to Setup, then Customize or Create depending on if your object is standard or custom, locate the name of the object, then navigate to the 'Buttons, Links, and Actions' section. Once there, click 'New Action'. 

Now we can configure the new action. Set the Action Type field to 'Lightning Component' and the Lightning Component field to 'Loop:RunDdp'. Next, enter a Label for the new action.

Optionally, update the Icon by clicking the 'Change Icon' link and select 'RunDDPActionIcon'.

Click 'Save'.

Now that we have created our Salesforce1 Lightning Component we will need to add it to the page layout. Go to Page Layouts and click 'Edit' next to the appropriate page layout. 

On the toolbar, navigate to 'Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions'. Locate the action created above and drag-and-drop it under the 'Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions' section of the page layout. Then click 'Save'.

The configuration is complete! Now you will see the Generate Docs action when we navigate to an Opportunity record while using Salesforce1.