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Launch Nintex Mobile from a hyperlink and pre-populate authentication fields

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UPDATE: We have deprecated pre-populating of authentication fields using a deep link. This feature has evolved into a design time configuration which is available in  Nintex Mobile Enterprise.


Nintex Mobile is a great way to take your business process with you on the go anywhere; no matter you are online or offline.

To use the app you need to download it from the store and sign in to a specific SharePoint URL using your credentials.

Nintex Mobile iPhone

And if you want to connect to an Office 365 tenancy, you need to first select Office 365 Account and then enter the tenancy URL:

Nintex Mobile iPhone Office 365

While remembering all of the information and instructions for an advanced user is not an issue, most users have to refer to the instructions sent by IT in order to sign in and use the app.

Nintex Mobile 3.0 has a new feature which lets users launch the app and pre-populate authentication information through a hyperlink. Using this fantastic feature users don’t have to remember their authentication type, SharePoint/tenancy URL, or their domain. All they need to do is to click on a link, enter their password and sign in.

This feature makes deployment of Nintex Mobile in organizations much easier for IT.

So let’s see how to create a URL to launch the app…

The URL structure is as follow:


Now lets look at the parameters we can pass to app using the hyperlink.

authtype: The parameter indicates the type of authentication your company supports for Nintex Mobile. Possible values are:

  • sharepoint
  • office365
  • microsoft

url: A string representing the SharePoint URL the user should connect to. If you use Nintex Mobile to connect to an Office 365 tenancy, this represents the tenancy URL to which users should connect to.

Please note that this value must be URL Encoded. To URL encode a URL you can use many free online tools like this one.

domain: This value can be used to prepopulate the Domain field with your active directory domain (this is only supported for sharepoint authentication type).

username: If you want to send a specific link to each user, you can use this field to pre-populate her username (this is only supported for sharepoint authentication type).

*note that all of the fields are optional.

and below is an example of a URL to launch the app and configure it to connect to an on-prem SharePoint:


All you need to do is create a hyperlink in an email, web page, document etc. and point it to this URL.

Nintex Mobile URL Scheme

When the user taps on the link on a device, Ninex Mobile launches and fields are pre-populated as per below:

Nintex Mobile URL Scheme    Nintex Mobile

Also if you need to connect to an Office 365 tenancy you'll need a URL like this:


Opening this URL on a device will launch Nintex Mobile and take user to the Office 365 page:

Nintex Mobile Office 365 URL Scheme

Hope this has been useful for you and don’t forget to provide your feedback for Nintex on


We now support deep linking to a specific form. Dan Stoll has got a great blog post about it.

For parameter descriptions and link examples, see Building Nintex Mobile links in the help.

Community Manager edit: For a related tutorial, please see: Tutorial: Nintex Mobile validation

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Vahid Taslimi is there a way to launch the app to a specific form from these links? thats where the real power will be for our customers to be able to use this functionality.

Nintex Newbie

Hi Rob Brockschmidt

We don't have that feature yet but it's on our road-map.

On the other note, If you had this feature, how would you prefer to reference a Form? form id or form name?


Nintex Newbie

very neat little feature, just tried it and works great !

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I would think form ID because several departments could name their forms the same like "Vacation request" and also if it is a notification to a task in email and they need to open it would need form ID as well as task ID or some other identifier for that specific item.

The ability to have prepopulated UserID, domain and site is VERY useful for increasing adoption of the mobile app! I created a UDA for us to send to people with a link to open the app on their mobile devices AND with a "Download on your app store" link as well.

Nintex Newbie

Rob Brockschmidt

the feature is now in the apps. check out this post.

Dude you're so deep, Nintex Mobile deep linking that is..

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yeah this doesn't work at all either way ... so what do you need to do on your device or server side to allow access?

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Whats not working? Signing in, pre populating the auth info or deep linking?

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Singing in or pre-populating the app

I don’t assuming something needs set up on our corporate network side but there no documentation on what to do.

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can you sign in at all if it's not pre-populated?

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Let me get back to you. Doing some testing on our Hand Held devices. Thanks.

Nintex Newbie

I am new to Nintex mobile links.
I have installed a Nintex mobile application and manually configure it to my sharepoint site with nintex forms 2013. So everything is working.
But the mobile links with the examples do not work.I also made up a link to the my site and it is also not working on my Android 4.4.4 devices. I also tried to copy the link into the browser, but the Nintex mobile  app does not start to get parametrs.

Nintex Newbie

hi Vlad,

can you please try tapping on this link on your phone and see if it launches the app.

Please try it both on your default browser as well as Chrome.

Let me know how it goes.



Nintex Newbie

Hello Vahid,
This link shows and goes to the begining of this article. On (Win 8(IE and FF)) & Android Samsung devices (Chrome and standart Browser)...

Nintex Newbie

Yes, apparently the link was replace by the community site!

anyway I have created a page here Nintex Mobile Deep Link

Can you please try opening this one on your phone.

Nintex Newbie

Hello Vahid!

Your Mobile  Deep Link opens on  my Android and Window 8 tablet.

But  I still can not use it on SP site and email.

The reason  is I can not insert link on sharepoit page (with "Hyperlink", "HTML Source" or  "Insert->Embed Code").

Sharepoint delete the link do to incorrect format.
I also can not use it on corporate email - becouse Exchange replase such links do to incorrect

Nintex Newbie

Oh I see. Yeah, SharPoint WIKI/Page does not play well with links.

Do you think you can ask your IT to not replace nintexmobile://


Nintex Newbie

Unfortunately, on Internet I can not found any information how to allow links on SP and Exchange... Is there such a possibility?

Nintex Newbie

I believe it's not possible on SP but I am not sure about Exchange.

Nintex Newbie

‌ Could we add password to the link as well so to auto submit the form if users does not have app installed for the first time?

Nintex Newbie

This feature is no longer supported.  I would recommend you look at App Studio (previously named Nintex Mobile Enterprise).

Nintex Newbie

Craig Harrowfield We already have Nintex App studio. The pre populating field would really help us get data from field users that are not tech savvy. As well as it would save time when the field users do not have enough time to submit a form, and are not even allowed to be around electronic devices. This would be perfect scenario for signing in of hundreds of everyday field users by his/her supervisors using a qr code using one account.