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Is your Outlook as lazy as mine ?

Nintex Newbie
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I got super lazy today, and recorded a video rather than do the screen shot and typing thing... Enjoy and happy holidays..

Nintex Newbie

My video editing was so lazy it cut off the last minute of video.... 

Nintex Newbie

I love this feature, but I have a concern on that!

So Using the Add-in is really a super LazyApproval!! But the problem is that simply clicking a button is sometimes not enough engaging a user. When he has to write "OK", "YES", "APPROVED", he did a manual action for which he cannot say "Hey sorry, it was a mistake!".

I feel that it shouldn't be used to validate anything!! (but It's ok if my boss validates my personal Leaves clicking by mistake!!)

Nintex Newbie

Yes and No..

The responsibility is on the user to ensure they click the right thing.. Just like everything else online.. from buy goods with say Amazon when they have your card details already saved.. you just click submit.. if it was the wrong decision well you have to do something about it, Similar case here.. If you select the wrong button, you will have to chase it down.

My tip to counter the "Super Lazy" would be to enforce comments, regardless of the approval outcome. This enforces the user to interact with the keyboard and to pay attention to what they are doing

But knowing you Alex, you'd still be off with the fairies and click the wrong thing .. lol

Nintex lunch entertainment ;) - YouTube

Nintex Newbie

Hi Dan Stoll‌,

Were you playing the guitars at the same time too? 

The Outlook Add-in feature has some prerequisites like the SharePoint site should be reachable from the Internet. This can be read here and will be a serious drawback for several companies. Lazy approval does not have this prerequisite.

Thnx for all your knowledge sharing!