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Invalid JWT token. The token is expired.

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When attempting to publish a workflow in O365 you receive the following error:

JWT stands for Json Web Token. To learn more about what a JWT is you can read a short introduction here: JSON Web Token Introduction -

The error message states simply that your token has expired due to a long running browser session.

To avoid having to do all your work over again you can simply refresh this token. You can do this by opening a new browser and re-opening the Nintex workflow designer.

This should create a new token and allow you to retry your publish operation.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Well done Andrew, I just encountered this issue and was about to post my fix for this. But found your blog and it worked just fine. I simply opened a new tab in my same browser, went to the list I was working on and opened Nintex Workflow app by clicking on the button in the list ribbon. I did not have to go all the way into the workflow, just opening the app was enough.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Well, this worked once. The next time I left for lunch and didn't close the designer, came back and added to the workflow and hit save, I received Oops, trouble publishing workflow. Not the token message. All additions were lost. Just good to remember to save every few minutes.

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You know what they say, "Save early, save often."

When working with any session based browser app you should always follow this rule!

Andrew Beals

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This did not work for me.  It just says "Building" forever

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When you say "building" is this when you are loading the designer?

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Sorry for the very late response, I did not see your comment.  No, this is after publishing.  I think a fix was released that remedied the issue, because I haven't experienced this error in some time.

Nintex Newbie

Hey there,
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