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How to attach pictures or videos to a form in the Nintex Mobile App

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In the Nintex Mobile App you can attach images or videos to your Nintex Form before you submit it. So how do you get this working?

  1. First off you'll need to create a Nintex Form that includes the Attachment control.
  2. Publish the Nintex Form to the Nintex Mobile layout.
  3. Access the form on the Nintex Mobile app, and select the + sign to add an image or video. If you attach an image, you also have the opportunity to edit the image as needed.


For more info on the Nintex Mobile App, check out Getting Started with Nintex Mobile Apps.

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Is there an open issue with attachments from mobile form ? it works for me to add it, but after the picture is not openable.


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By the way, , all links from this message are not working, can you update it please ?

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Hi, ‌, I've updated that link to the help files. Hoping that works now. Thanks!

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Hi Frank Field‌, I tried the first one about attachment, but the page is empty after : "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

But maybe you can help me, i designed a simple form with 3 fields and attachments to add pictures. When i filled the form from Nintex Mobile, it is working fine, but then, when i am opening attached pictures in the sharepoint list, there is a non-visible picture (i checked the size, it is ~300bit in spite of some mo).

I am using Nintex Mobile for Android, last version.


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I manage the community, ‌, but you'd be very unhappy with my product advice. :)  I'll get that link fixed, tho, and we'll see if we can get someone across your question!

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For information for the community, i resolved it by deleting the mobile layout and recreating it.

Not clear for me what control/setup was an issue there.