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Hide Individual Ribbon Elements on Form

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Recently, I was asked to hide the "Cancel" button on a Nintex Form.

Using the Internet Explorer Development Tools (F12), I identified the Cancel button element.


It was necessary for me to use the element id (because the class is used multiple times in the form), so I inserted the following to CSS on the form.

#Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.Ribbon.Filler.d22208f1_d79c_450b_a0dc_aadff6857888-Large {



Unfortunately this didn't work.

After some research I realized the periods in the element id name are not recognized by CSS and need to be escaped.
Adding a slash (\) in front of each period did the trick.

#Nintex\.Forms\.SharePoint\.Ribbon\.Filler\.d22208f1_d79c_450b_a0dc_aadff6857888-Large {




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Hi Bill,

This would help in hiding the controls other than Save and Cancel. For these buttons, there is option in the configuration to hide it from the Ribbon. You can select No from the drop down and it will hide it on the form. Did you try this option?

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Hi Kapil,

Can you tell me where the configuration is to hide the Cancel button? I can't find it. Is it in the Forms Designer?


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See the option below:


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Outstanding!, I had no idea that was there! (Newbie)

I definitely would recommend this approach on the form cancel button.

But yes, if you're hiding other ribbon elements with CSS and need to use the Nintex id, don't forget to escape those pesky periods!

Thanks Kapil Joshi

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Did you know how to hide close ( not from Ribbon) button on Display form? When I'm trying to use Print to PDF functionality, getting this Close button.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi ,

Open your form in display mode. Find the close button id using the development tool as mentioned by Bill in the post and use CSS to hide it.

I hope it doesn't have different id for different forms. In that case you will have to use a different method or live with it.

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Thanks Kapil Joshi‌ for your suggestion. I've added a rule on the 'Cancel' button and set condition to 'Is Display Mode' and checked 'Hide' box.


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This is great, but I cannot find how to do this on a responsive form. Is this possible. Either that or change the redirect URL