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Forms Drop Downs: Rule Issue with Multiple Regions

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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We have two country drop downs in two sections(connected to the same column) that we alternately show depending on the region, but the country value for US region is superseded by the EMEA region country value(blank), even when users are in the US region, and trying to save the form.


I see the country value is saved in the form, but it’s not surfaced to the view.  We were told to use a rule to disable the EMEA Country control, when US region country drop down is prominent. But we may have more than 2 regions, that use the same country control, and the work to add additional rules to the additional regions that are not prominent/active can and will compound. We are afraid that the potential future versions of Forms that may break these additional rules.


I recommend disabling the controls based on rules will be the best option for their use case.  This will really be the only option if you are planning on using multiple controls tied to the same list column within the form and don’t want to have the controls potentially superseding one another.


If you are open to it, you can adjust the filtering on the drop down (if you are using a lookup) to avoid having to place multiple controls on the form.  This will be a much cleaner solution, typically.


As far as concerns around future issues with the rules, this will be a solid component of the forms rules engine, and should not run into issues with future builds.  Typically any changes to the forms and lookup controls will mostly impact custom Javascript rather than rules developed using the OOB rules builder.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

control disabled with formatting rule is still saved to list!

you have to disable control with appearance settings not save it, but that rise some restrictions.