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February Mission Wrap Up 2015

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The start of March is already here, which means a new monthly mission! Before we move onto that, I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the February Mission 2015 - Weekly Quiz , and successfully answered the pub quiz questions! There was a total of 300 points up for grabs!


Week 1:

Question: When you search the term "LazyApproval" what is the first document that appears in the list?

Answer: LazyApproval Guide: Nintex Workflow 2013 & Nintex Workflow 2010

Week 2:

Question: How do you end a state machine?

Answer: With the Change State action

Read more about State Machines Using State Machine Workflows and The Art of State Machines

Week 3:

Question: You preview a new form and discover the controls are not aligned properly when using hide rules, which of these options would allow for proper alignment of the controls?

Answer: Applying the hide rule to the panel control

The answer was in this blog post Why Do My Controls Jump Around?

Week 4:

Question: Name a condition where a batch executes in a workflow

Answer: All of the above i.e. you used a delay action, at the end of a workflow, and after a task action.

This is where you would have found the answer Designing your Workflow - Commit Pending Changes Action NW2010 & NW2013

Watch out for the March Mission - Have 5 responses marked as correct! This month if you have 5 responses marked as correct, you'll receieve an extra 300 points!

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Cool thank you ! Emily Billing for  posting

Nintex Newbie

The pop quizzes were fun!