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Exporting a Site Workflow with an InfoPath Start Form to another Site

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Ever found yourself scratching your head on how to export a Nintex Site workflow with an infopath start form that you have edited quite extensively?

Then stop scratching, as it is pretty simple and even though i love cooking a fresh hack in the morning but it can be done without doing something like manipulating infopath internal files.

Note: If you have a ton of workflows then i would suggest to write some powershell scripts to automate this process.

So, Lets get to Work:-

  1. First off, make sure you have a site workflow with infopath form as Start Form (Cause that's the reason why you are here right ).
  2. Export the workflow using Export in workflow designer.
  3. Now go to the Nintex workflows document library and open the workflow folder.
    http://{Source Site}/NintexWorkflows/{Workflow Name}/
  4. Download the copy of the infopath form with ".xsn" extension.
  5. Now go to the destination sharepoint site
  6. Create new Site workflow and import the workflow we exported in step 2.
  7. Publish the workflow. This will create the Nintexworkflow folder with a vanilla InfoPath form.
    If you will goto Workflow Settings->Edit form in infopath now then it will just show you a vanilla infopath form without the modifications.

  8. Now open the workflow folder
    http://{Destination Site}/NintexWorkflows/{Workflow Name}/
  9. Upload the infopath form we downloaded in step 4 which will replace the existing form.
    Just cancel the next screen where it asks you to check in. (Check in will be taken care of by publish workflow)
  10. Go back to the imported site workflow and open Workflow Settings-> Edit Start Form -> Edit With Infopath
  11. This will open the Infopath form in designer with all the modifications.
  12. Use quick publish to publish the form.
  13. You are almost there, now publish the workflow.

Thats it, now when you start the workflow, it will open the edited form.