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Error: "Your license is not valid for version x.x.x.x of Nintex Workflow"

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Products: Nintex Workflow 2010, Nintex Workflow 2013


When installing Nintex Workflow 2010/2013 you may encounter this error even though you already have a valid license and maybe even just doing an update on current version of your workflow.

The error:

Preparing files.........

Detected SharePoint 2013 is installed

Your license is not valid for version of Nintex Workflow 2013. Please contact to obtain a new license.


Not able to install or update Nintex Workflow 2010/2013


Here is a way to get Nintex Workflow installed, however you will still need valid license to actually run the workflow after install.  This guide is to by-pass the license check during install process.

  1. Run the Nintex Workflow installer and when you get to "Do you want to add the solution to SharePoint now?" select "No, I wish to export the solution and deploy it manually later."
  2. Save the exported files in a folder of your choice and then open that folder and navigate to the "Workflow" folder.  Here you will see "CheckLicense.ps1", right click on it and uncheck "Read Only".  Now open this file using PowerShell ISE and change "$isValidForUpgrade=$false" to "$isValidForUpgrade=$true" and save the file.
  3. Finally, install Nintex Workflow by running the "install.ps1" file using PowerShell with administrative privileges.
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Ten out of ten for the support.

Had the same issue, sent a support mail withing 10 minutes they got back to me and pointed me to this article which solved my problem.


Nintex Newbie

Thanks for this article. I'm having the same issue but with Nintex 2016. There is no folder for workflows. Do you have a solution that applies to 2016?

Nintex Newbie

The content is indeed sorely out of date - was referred here as part of a support ticket, but most of the info is not relevant in 2019 and requires a fair bit of digging - for my farm (SP2019 with Nintex 2019) it was on line 412 of the InstallHelper.ps1 script which was in the NintexForSharePoint2019 folder  created by the installer as per the instructions above.

So either Nintex can upgrade the workaround for SP2016/SP2019 farms or I'Il maybe publish it myself at some point ;)