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Enable / Disable has arrived for O365!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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G'day, this is Dan on behalf of Rick   and Rick wanted me to tell all you fine Nintex for O365 workflow designers that we are thinking about you..

Quite often in the design process, you build in some debugging actions like log to history, Send email, set variable etc etc to capture information to help you along with your designs.. Also when you are building and designing your workflows you would have to find the actions that are causing you grief, whether it is a config error in your design, or you are just testing out an action for later. You want to be able to just disable this action or set of actions rather than delete everything only to find that that bit you just deleted wasn't the issue at all. Because once you delete them, you have to configure them from the beginning...Now this is far from optimal.. 

Now as the title suggests, the functionality that On-prem workflow designers have enjoyed for some time, is now available in Office 365.. I wish I could write more about this, but it is pretty plain and simple..

You can now 'Disable' and 'Enable' actions in Nintex Workflow for Office 365... 

So until next.. Enjoy  


Automation Master
Automation Master

Thanks, Dan / Rick! Glad to have this feature in O365.

Nintex Newbie

So great to get this functionality again. Good going!

Nintex Newbie

What a good O365 week. Yesterday I received an e-mail that the design of scheduled workflows for O365 is well progressed, and now this.


Nintex Newbie

Thanks Dan !! Welcome feature indeed! 

Nintex Newbie

Well done! Glad this one is here to accommodate for all my tinkering.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Thanks. I was waiting for that one.

Nintex Newbie

Had a good need for this last night.  Glad I was able to finally able to easily disable actions.  (My prior work-around was using a Run If action with condition of X=Y, and dragging actions under that to disable them.)

The disable option is so much nicer!