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Delivering Generated Documents via Fax in Salesforce

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Customers are often surprised to learn that it's possible to fax generated documents from Salesforce. In this example, we will reference, though any Email to Fax service will work.

Use Case:

Crestan Supermarket uses Drawloop Document Generation for Salesforce to create and email purchase orders to their vendors. However, they recently switched cheese vendors to Say Cheese, a local vendor who only accepts orders by fax. And so to submit their order with Say Cheese, they'll need to configure their DDP to send via fax. To do this, we will create a field containing the fax number followed by the domain specified by the Email to Fax service being used, then reference this field tag in the email delivery option.


First, create a custom field on the Account object that will contain the recipients fax number followed by the domain specified by the Email to Fax service you are using. For this example we will name our custom field 'Email to Fax'. Once you have created the Email to Fax field, edit the page layout to display the field and enter the fax number followed by the email to fax domain specified by your Email to Fax service.

Next, navigate to your DDP and click the 'Field Tag' button located at the top of the page.


At this point, the Field Tag pop-up window will appear. Set the 'Main Object' drop-down to Account and the 'Field' drop-down to Email to Fax. The tag for this field will appear under the Field Tag section. Highlight the tag, right click, and select Copy.


Now that we have the field tag configured, we will create a new delivery method. Back on the DDP, scroll down to the 'Delivery Options' related list. Click 'New Delivery Option'.


Choose 'Email' from the 'Type of new record' drop-down menu. Then, click 'Continue'.


Name the new delivery method and paste the field tag we copied from the Field Tagger into the 'Additional To' field. Click Save.


Now that we have completed the setup, Crestan Supermarket can generate and deliver purchase orders via fax to Say Cheese.

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Nintex Employee

This is brilliant Haley!!!

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This is great!!!