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Customizing your Community Activity Stream

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Have you been wondering how you can keep up to date, and notified on what's happening within the community site?

We've been asked by a growing number of customers and partners, how they can subscribe to know when new content has been posted in certain areas. Now the best way to do this is to customize you community activity stream. The best thing is, you can create multiple streams for all different scenarios, including following certain people or places, or other tags. I'm going to detail how you can do this, and then subscribe away!

Customize an activity stream in the Community Site

You can customize your personal activity stream to follow a place, a tag, or a person. For example, to follow the Product Release Announcements space, you can create a stream to follow Product Release Announcements, and set it to email you when there is a new addition in that space.

  1. Start by clicking "News" on the navigation bar at the top-left of the community home page.
  2. The next page that loads will have options for what to display in your newsfeed. Click on "+."
  3. In the Search bar, type “product release announcements”.  When located, click Add. product.png

  4. Once it’s been added to the stream, you can turn Email updates to On, which means you will receive an email anytime something is posted in the Product Release Announcements space.
  5. Give your stream a name, and click Done.
  6. Now the customized stream shows any content posted in the Product Release Announcements space.


You can create a stream for anything you can find in search, customizing what you see in your feed.

Nintex Newbie

Is this still accurate? I can't seem to find a inbox and activity option in my profile dropdown. Please advise.

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Hi, Michael Boggs​, Good question! No, it appears to be out of date. I'll work on a new set of instructions, but in the meantime if you'd like to add to your connections stream, click "news" at the top of the page, then "new stream" below that and type in the search feature that pops up a place or person's name to add.


Hope that helps until I can update this doc.