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Build String is coming to the party in the sky

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Other than sounding a little like a Beatles song title..There is a certain seriousness about this blog post.. THE BUILD STRING ACTION IS COMING TO A CLOUD NEAR YOU...

The last time I was this excited, was when I first got SENDMAIL to work on UNIX using noting but VI .  (I've included links for those who want to reminisce about the days before plug and play. )

So, as I was saying - the Build String Action is an old horse in the new Nintex O365 stable along with a heap of other great actions this month. Why the stable analogy? Well I believe the Build String is the dark horse, the grey man, that person you know that never looks for glory or fame, the type of action you need when you're feeling down. The one action that you can depend on when things gets rough, etc.

Now for all you on-prem lovers, you know what I'm talking about. The build string action probably features more than once in 98% of your workflows.

Well now the O365 lovers have it too. No longer will your data be unloved.. Use the Build String action to join fields, mash data, and as the Nintex O365 Platform builds out with additional functions, the build string action will be there to care for you..

For a brief example.. As part of the process you need to create a unique number for the Item, beyond the List Item ID.. Enter the the Build String action


OR if you have followed of this thread Formatting Results to an Email using the the Build String action is a critical part of building out a HTML table for formatting of data for either displaying in email of into a Multi-line text field (Enhanced Text).

I'm really excited about this action.. As simple as the Build String Action might be. It is one of the actions in your toolkit you'll always use. No mess no fuss

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Thanks Dan! O365 is clearly getting closer to on-premise parity...