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BGC Engineering and Nintex Mobile - July Webinar

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BGC Engineering takes the pain out of remote field data gathering using Nintex Mobile

Ever wondered if there was a way to use a mobile device, such as an iPad, to increase field worker productivity in remote areas?

How about a mining site in British Columbia, Canada?

Watch this webinar and see how Clint Logue of BGC Engineering uses Nintex Mobile to streamline field data gathering.

Data gathering, on the go

These days, our lives are becoming more and more focused around mobile computing. Every day, people are sharing information on where they are, what they’re eating, and even what their cat is up to using advanced mobile technologies. Using laptops, tablets, and smart phones, it’s easy to stay connected, whether you’re at the corner coffeehouse, or watching the World Cup in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In business, being able to gather and share information when you are on the go or out in the field can make the difference between getting things done efficiently, and serious project delays. Gathering and transmitting digital data from wherever you are, using familiar mobile devices with user-friendly interfaces, can keep things running smoothly back at the office, store, warehouse, or wherever your business may live.

Another issue faced around data gathering and sharing involves people working in remote areas that don’t have reliable (or any) Internet connectivity. Because business goes on, even when you’re gathering soil samples in a remote area of the desert, means that you need an easy way to capture information, and transmit it later, without having to manually re-enter it multiple times.

That’s where mobile and forms technologies come in. By providing a consistent user experience across a variety of devices, a mobile workflow app can deliver technology that provides rich support for secure field data gathering—especially if it integrates with existing document sharing and collaboration infrastructure, like Microsoft SharePoint.

Being able to view, approve, and delegate tasks anytime, from anywhere, effectively eliminates manual and paper-based processes that waste time and are often error-prone. Working from a location without network connectivity? No problem: Intuitive mobile and forms technologies will let you gather information once, and automatically transmit it to the systems and people that need it, as soon as a connection is available.

It sounds easy because, well, it is. Having easy-to-use advanced data gathering technology at your fingertips not only keeps your business moving forward; it also keeps your on-the-go staff focused on things that matter—not on redundant manual processes.

Here is a visual of how this works behind the scenes using mobile and forms technologies (click on the image to expand):


Learn more

To see this type of technology in a real-world situation, watch the video above. It covers how BGC Engineering dramatically increased the speed with which field findings could be reviewed in-office by project management, reduced time spent by engineers performing repetitive data entry tasks, and saved on hardware and training costs by leveraging consumer devices with which staff were already familiar.

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Nintex Newbie

Sorry I missed the webinar.  Will a replay be made available?

Nintex Newbie

+1 on the replay please.

For those of us in Sydney.

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Recording is now up on top