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April Mission - Make it rain...answers! (And get a limited-time badge!)

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We're emerging from the depths of the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest where your humble community manager plies his trade.  But I want to make it rain a little more!  I want to see it rain answers in the community!

Now, I don't expect a downpour, but it would be nice to get the sort of steady drizzle that happens in this region of the U.S.  It's a nice, steady, light sort of rain we get, and it makes the Pacific Northwest a lush, green place that teems with life.

It's similar in Nintex Connect. If it teems with correct answers, it's a lively place for people to find solutions, share knowledge and help their workflows thrive.  (Laying it on a bit thick, aren't I? Oh, well...)

To add some incentive to those of you who spend a lot of time helping others, we'll jack up the rewards for having an answer marked correct (and for marking one!).  And you can earn a limited-time badge if you succeed in achieving the goal:


You'll find that mission in your profile page*.  Complete this mission, and you'll not only receive the points that automatically come with having an answer marked correct, you'll automatically earn 300 points!  So, if you're the sort of person who has a lot of knowledge to share and who loves to help people, you'll earn this little icon to prove it.  See "The Rules" below.

Here's a tip:  Use the "at mention" to nudge people whose questions you've answered to mark it correct for you.  It seems to get people to respond quite well. Just type "@" immediately followed by the name of the person you're talking to, you'll see their name pop up.

If you're the person asking the question, and one of the community members has answered it, make sure you give them the credit by marking their answer as correct. This way you'll recognize them for their knowledge and help, as well as assisting the rest of the community when they have a similar question!  You'll benefit, too, I'm temporarily upping the points for marking answers correct from 15 points to 25.

Find unanswered questions in any of these spaces:


Getting Started‌‌

Dev Talk

Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

Nintex For Office 365

Otherwise those unanswered questions are all bundled up in the Unanswered Questions space.

The Rules:

This mission, and the ability to earn this badge, expire at 11:45pm April 30th.

If you want really old unanswered questions marked that you know are correct, use @mention, to nudge the person who asked it (I will not mark these until May 1, sorry!).

I reserve the right to deduct the mission badge from people who answer their own question with a correct answer unless you have three answers marked correct by other members).

Many thanks to the following winners of the March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!

Prasanna Adavi

Renske Strydom

Chris Ben

Sheral Fancher

Theresa Schaefer

Fernando Hunth

Sharon Kratsch

Cassy Freeman

Raphael Bachmann

Henning Eiben

Christophe Raucq

Mohamed Gathoo

Palesa Sikwane

Mike M

Jillian Lenczicki

Jan Eyres

Ryan Greenaway

Fredrik Andresen

Manfred Lauer

Jesse McHargue

Giacomo Gelosi

Dean Virag

Patrick Kelligan

Andrew Glasser

Marian Hatala

Eric Rhodes

Jesse Wilker

Wow, that's the highest number of people who completed a mission in my time at Nintex. Thank you for taking the time! I hope you found it valuable to play with search. I'll put up your points by Monday!

Good luck in April, everyone!

*Path:  Avatar>View Profile>Click "points details" under your profile photo (you HAVE filled out your profile, right?), then click "missions" on the let and sort by "show unearned missions first."

Nintex Newbie

Great idea! Nice badge!!!!

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Thanks! I can't candy-coat it. I've had some issues with our gamification system. A new one is on the way in a few weeks. But I was glad to get this one going at least. After I learn the new console, I'll try to make the gamification work for the community more! :)