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A new Workflow Generator for Nintex Promapp processes

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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With the latest Nintex Promapp release v.6.0.11 we’ve introduced an exciting new feature that allows you to identify and nominate processes you think is good for automating which connects both Promapp functionality with Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) functionality in a smooth process. 


Watch the video below to view how to use this new feature.


Creating a workflow framework with just a few clicks

As a Promapp Automation Specialist, you can review the process from the process overview page and confirm whether or not you want to see a workflow framework designed for it. If so you can click on the ‘Request Automation’ button. Promapp uses natural language processing to review the process and suggest workflow steps that could be handled by a workflow. As the automation specialist, you can confirm or change the workflow steps so that they map correctly to the activities and tasks you have in your process. Once you're comfortable with the process to workflow mapping, simply click the submit button to submit the request to your Process Automation team.




Using clear requirements to ease collaboration with workflow designers 

By submitting this process, Promapp connects to your NWC tenant and generates a workflow framework then send a notification to a designated workflow designer informing them of a new automation request to review. Using the link in the notification, the workflow designer can review the process and view the workflow framework to collaborate with the process owner. Any configuration changes necessary for publishing the workflow can be done at that time within the Nintex Workflow designer canvas.


View and publish the process

Once configured and published you will receive a notification via email and within Promapp. The published NWC workflow can be found via a link on the procedure view of the process. You can review and confirm that the automation fits as expected and then publish the process with the automation elements incorporated.


The workflow steps that are automated will show up as a separate swimlane in the process map, distinctively colored activity boxes, and as highlighted labels in the procedure view. You can view the activities they are responsible for and which are being managed by the workflow.





Under the ‘Automation’ tab in Promapp, you will see a list of the workflows that are available to link to Promapp processes from your NWC tenant. If a workflow contains a form for input, the form will appear alongside other document types in the Document Library, identifiable by the unique icons.


To find out more about Workflow Generator and how process management and automation come together, visit our Nintex marketing blog