The Know Your Workflow Script

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Nintex Employee
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This script was originally designed for sales and marketing to better understand the use of Nintex in our client's on premise setup. The support team has adopted it to help better inform SharePoint Administrators on what the farm has running in regards to Nintex. Showing most used workflows and peak time of year for processing for example.


What does it do?

  1. It will pull 4 reports on each Nintex Content DB that you have attached. This will come in the form of xls/csv files.
  2. Action Statistics
    • Indicates workflow actions used in the last 90 days
  3. Activities:
    • Used for reference and is the same each time as it looks at actions registered in the Nintex Workflow configuration
  4. OverviewStatistics

Quantifies sites, initiators, and other data for completed workflows.


Quantifies actions, durations, and other data for recently started workflows>


How to get it and use it ?

Please download the attachment linked to this blog read though the "Know Your Workflow User Guide.pdf" provided in the zip attachment for how to use it. 


How to read the reports and make use of the information.  

This information will show you how often workflows complete. How many actions it processed for an average running of a workflow. This is important for planning databases, as you can better decide with this information which SharePoint Content DB's should have a dedicated Nintex Content DB as an example. 


The Overview report: This will give you a 12 month view of how many workflows were processed in the passed 12 months. This will show you you busy periods for that particular Nintex Content DB.


The Workflow Statistics reports: This will easily let you identify the Most run Workflow, the longest running, the highest action count on average workflow. This information can be invaluable in targeting business process owners to manage their data growth and in the case of Migrations lets you identify the biggest users of the product. Again this will only show information for DB it was run against. So you may need to get creative in amalgamating the information.    


This applies to Nintex Workflow 2010 / 2013 / 2016


Warning running these scripts will increase SQL load and may cause performance issues, so we recommend running them out of business hours.