Now Available: RPA Central 2.9.0 and Nintex Bot 17.9.0

Nintex RPA Expert
Nintex RPA Expert
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Hi, Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that the latest release of Nintex RPA is now available. Please see the release notes for details and download links, but here are some new/updated Help topics: 

  • RPAC API (updated)
  • Audit logs (new!)
  • Instance details (updated)
  • Access denied troubleshooting (updated)


    You'll see that audit logging is now available in RPA Central. Go to the Settings page (admin access only), and you can download the last 120 days of events from both RPA Central and all registered Bots. You can control the number of days events are stored and analyze those events in your favorite data analysis tool of choice.

    We've also improved the way each Bot communicates with RPA Central, so if you were still experiencing botflows stuck in a queued state or Bots going offline, please install these releases at your earliest convenience.

    Lastly, we've included the Originator information on the Instance Details page in RPA Central.

    One item to note, we were unable to include the Google Gmail support for authentication using OAuth because our app is still pending approval, but we didn't want to wait to get this great release in your hands. Expect a release in the next month or two that includes this OAuth support for Gmail and Exchange Online.