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Nintex Migration Coaching


We are excited to announce a new program designed to ensure your Nintex migration has a successful outcome.

  • Visit our Migration Center to review documentation and interact with the community. 
  • We have coaches with years of experience ready to assist you for both cloud migrations and migrations to a new version of Sharepoint to help you develop a plan best suited to meet your goals and timelines and ensure a successful outcome. 
  • Do not hesitate to Book a session with a coach from our support team to help you build your migration plan.


Who is this for?


Our Migration Coaching sessions are aimed at Project Managers or System Administrators in charge of assessing, planning, and implementing a migration. When embarking on this project the coaching session can be used to dive into the expected technical challenges and differences between platforms.


Migrating to the Cloud


If you are planning on migrating to the cloud your Nintex coach will focus on:

  • Deciding which cloud platform to migrate to
  • Understanding the differences between cloud platforms
  • Identify which workflows are ready for migration and which workflows need refactoring for optimization in the cloud environment
  • Mitigation of impact from nuances of moving from an on-prem environment to a cloud environment
  • Your data governance and sovereignty concerns
  • Migration partners available to assist with data migration
  • Specific questions or technical challenges you have
  • For deeper insights please review our white paper: migrate to the Cloud,


Migrating to a newer version of SharePoint


If you are planning to move to a new version of Sharepoint, your Nintex coach will focus on:

  • Preparation of destination and source environments
  • Environment farm topology considerations
  • Guiding you through the halting of services on your production environment
  • Review of the database attach method
  • Review of using SQL Server management studio to make backups
  • Mapping of content and configuration databases to the destination environment
  • Advice on migration partner choice if required
  • Specific questions or technical challenges you have
  • For deeper insights and frequently asked questions, please review our High-Level Overview and FAQ’s


Nintex Migration Coaching is available to all Nintex customers free of charge.  Do not miss the opportunity to leverage the experience of our coaches to ensure your successful migration. 

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Design Dabbler

Hi There, Could you please help me out on the below issue.

I have a SharePoint document library with a three-level Nintex approval flow, once all the approvals completed and status marked as Completed, the document should be copied to another library. 

The target library has many folders, the current document should be copied to the correct target folder based on the source library rules.

I used copied to SharePoint action but didn't work.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.