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Introducing the Know Your Workflow Script


This article is out of date! Please reach out to your account manager or CSM if you are interested in running the script in your environment.

Hello Community, and our Nintex Workflow for SharePoint users!


I’d like to tell you about Know Your Workflow, this is a script we’ve created that will provide insight to help shape your workflow practice.


It's a cool script we’ve built to help you inventory and measure all workflows across your environment. The output from this script will help you understand what actions, workflows, and instances are being executed. This insight can help you scale your workflow practice and determine future strategy such as assessing whether or not you’re ready to migrate to Office 365


What is it?

It’s a script that captures workflow telemetry.


What data does it collect?

  • Number of workflows published (average)
  • Number of workflow instances (executions per workflow)
  • Number of actions per workflow
  • Frequency distribution of actions used across all workflow
  • Number of workflows per Site/Site Collection
  • Number of Site Collections


What data doesn’t it collect?

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t have to do with Nintex or workflows, it’s not being collected.


So what's in it for you?

You'll be able to gain more insight into how your organization uses Nintex Workflow:

  • Understand what actions, workflows and instances are being executed in your environment
  • Gauge the use and size of workflows within your organization
  • Determine what workflows are ready to migrate to the cloud
  • Compare your workflow practice against others


Wouldn’t this information help Nintex too?

Yes, the output files from the script would help us better serve you as well as guide our future development efforts. Your submission will be shared with our teams here at Nintex such as Support and Development.


Continued insight

During the workday, it can be tough to find time to dive in and analyze the workflows you’ve created with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. But that information can lead to smarter and faster decision-making. Know Your Workflow will give you knowledge to help shape your workflow practice.


How do I participate?
Please reach out your account manager or CSM if you are interested in running the script in your environment.

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