Introducing Checklists for Nintex Promapp

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In early 2020 Nintex Promapp is introducing Checklists, a new feature to tie the activities of a process together by connecting the people responsible at every step, and providing greater visibility and accountability for the handovers between activities. 

With checklists, each activity relates to an individual responsible to give full accountability, and they’re notified when their role comes into play. They also have all the process information at their fingertips to ensure easy compliance. As they complete the work required, their signoff is recorded in the checklist for tracking purposes and the records of completed checklists provide a picture of the process execution for ongoing improvement. 

From any process, users simply select the ‘Checklists’ tab and click the button to create a checklist that follows the process steps. The checklist is automatically named with the process name and time and date of creation but can be customised to suit. The user then assigns each activity to a specific person, with Promapp suggesting individuals based on the roles in the process. 

As each activity becomes due, the designated user is emailed a notification containing the process details for that step and buttons to either sign off the action as complete or view the checklist for more information. They can also reassign activities if they aren’t the person responsible, and the new party will receive the notification when it’s their turn to act. 

Within the checklist users can also append pictures, documents or notes about the activity, providing evidence of completion or further information for compliance tracking or improvement. Once completed, checklists give a picture of the process execution, including the time and date it was finished and timestamps for each signoff. By reviewing repeated checklists, organizations can pinpoint opportunities for improvements or potential automations that can further increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

Each user can see the checklist activities they have due on their dashboard, and the checklist menu provides an overview of all existing checklists, including a filter to see discarded and completed checklists. 

Contact us to find out more about how checklists can increase efficiency, compliance and accountability in your processes, and to get an advanced preview of the tool.


Nintex Newbie

Is there a document that shows screens shots on how this looks?

Nintex Newbie

Looks like an excellent feature! Wondering if multiple people can be entered for an activity. Say a Director creates a checklist and in Activity 1 they need to email their team some information. In Activity 2 each team member will need to complete the activity. How would the checklists feature handle this?

Nintex Newbie
Nintex Observer

looks great - is the feature free or is there and additonal cost? How do you activiate it?

Design Dabbler

I am not able to add more then one user per activity. I am also unable to see how to make the checklist continuous....i.e. not a one off. If anyone can help that would be great thanks 🙂

Nintex Observer

Hi, my checklist will haven no end date or due day.  It will be used evertime a price changes.  How do I apply this to a checklist.?  thanks