Hawkeye Q & A from June 2017 Webinar

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Link to Nintex Hawkeye Webinar: Watch the Recording 


Question: How much of today's topic is O365 vs on premises?

Today’s webinar is around connecting to Hawkeye from either On-prem, O365, or Nintex Workflow Cloud. Once the connection has been made to either of the platforms Hawkeye is a single platform for all the Nintex products. The method of using beacons is the same across all the workflow products. So I believe Lachlan will show beacons in Nintex Workflow Cloud but the beacons work exactly the same in O365 as well. 🙂


Question: Is Nintex Hawkeye included in Nintex 2013 or just Nintex 2016?

Nintex Hawkeye supports Workflow 2010, 2013, 2016, O365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud.


Question: We are already customers of Nintex 365, do we still need to go through setup of Hawkeye tenant?

The tenants aren't automatically setup, and if you already have Nintex Hawkeye as part of your subscription, go through the trial sign up and the licensing will be done on the backend automagiclly


Nintex Hawkeye®: Nintex Hawkeye must be installed in Trial form first. To begin, please visit our website and download the Nintex Hawkeye Trial (you will need to check the box to ensure you have specific access to the Nintex Hawkeye Analytics. Once your Tenant has been fully set up, please use the email address you used to establish the trial to contact the Nintex Licensing Team at Licensing@nintex.com to finalize the provisioning of Nintex Hawkeye.


Question: Do your data sources need to be in the cloud?

No, Data sources can also be from SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016. In fact the data is better in the first instance, as all the history data is imported.


Question: Does the package need to be installed on the SharePoint server or any local machine?

The solution needs to be installed on the SharePoint server. There is a pretty detailed install doc inside the zip file you download from Nintex Hawkeye. It essentially installs a solution package and a Que service that polls the data to Nintex Hawkeye.


Question: Is the analytics application a web version of PowerBI?

The inside of the product utilizes PowerBi Embedded. From Nintex Hawkeye, you can download the templates and open them in the FREE version of PowerBi Desktop to modify / add other data source etc.


Question: Do you need a PowerBI Pro license to use the web app plugin through Nintex Hawkeye ?

No not at all, Microsoft PowerBi Embedded is used as part of our solution, and doesn't require any extra licensing on your part.


Question: Usage and ROI dashboards look very cool, but do they show past data (we recently purchased Nintex for 365)?

Unfortunately Nintex for O365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud there is not a way to render Workflow History data that was previously recorded by the different platforms. O365 doesn't provide that functionality out of the box like SharePoint On-premise does. So for Nintex for O365, Nintex Hawkeye will only start recording information from the point of connecting your tenant and republishing your worklfows. 


Question: Isn't Power BI cloud only?

Power BI Embedded is cloud only correct, Nintex Hawkeye is a cloud only product currently. But allows on premises SharePoint connections.



Question: How does sentiment analysis tie in with an external ticketing system that’s not part of SharePoint?

We can use the Azure Sentiment Analysis as part of the process. It looks at the comments made on the job being submitted, to determine if the comment is negative or positive. If negative it automatically escalates it to a High status.


Question: does it have integration with on premise ServiceNow like software? In the previous dashboard, you displayed account names, do the account names equal a list item in the SP list on which the WF is running?

Any data the is imported into Nintex Hawkeye is either through Workflow History, Workflow Context or via the Beacons which can be anything available inside the workflow, EG Variables.