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What does the NWAdmin CleanTaskRedirects command do?


What does the NWAdmin CleanTaskRedirects command do?


From the Nintex Workflow helpfile:

This operation is used to check if a content database is still in use after a MoveData command has been used to remove data from it.

The command will prompt the user for which database to analyze.

When MoveData is used to move data out of a database, it may leave ‘redirect’ records to support LazyApproval in workflows that are currently running. If the database is disconnected while a running workflow needs these records, LazyApproval for these tasks will not work.

This command will allow an administrator to know if a database can be safely disconnected without affecting running workflows. It will check if a redirect record is still required, and if not, delete it. When there are no redirect records remaining, the database can be deleted.


NWAdmin.exe -o CleanTaskRedirects [-test]

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