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Update Configuration Database Connection String

You are trying to update Nintex Configuration database connection string.

To update the connection string of the Nintex Workflow configuration database


1. Obtain and test the new connection string.

Example (using default database name for Nintex Workflow 2010):

“Data Source=SERVER\InstanceName;Initial Catalog=NW2010DB;Integrated Security=True”

where the value for Initial Catalog is the name of the Nintex Workflow configuration database.


Note: Confirm that the new connection string works before proceeding with the update. For more information about building connection strings for SQL Server, see the following TechNet article: Building the Connection URL .


2. Edit the following Windows PowerShell script to use your tested connection string.

This script uses the example connection string from the previous step.


$farm = Get-SPFarm;


$["NW2007ConfigurationDatabase"] = “Data Source=SERVER\InstanceName;Initial Catalog=NW2010DB;Integrated Security=True”;



Note: The reference to "NW2007ConfigurationDatabase" is correct for all versions of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint.


3. Run the edited Windows PowerShell script.

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