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Nintex for SharePoint 2016 and MinRole


This information is to address general questions about Nintex Services in SharePoint 2016 pertaining to MinRole and where they should be running.


Nintex External Services installed on all the servers in the farm, But default to run on server with Central Administration. User can configured to run these service on any server in the farm, but should only have 1 instance running per farm.

These services are MinRole compliance to run for server with Role 
  • Single Server
  • Application
  • Web Front End

Service here refer to SharePoint windows services with AutoProvision on MinRole as follow:-
  • Nintex Connector Workflow Queue Service 
  • Nintex Workflow Start Service
  • Nintex External Relay Service
The following service is just SharePoint Service and it not designed with AutoProvision
  • Nintex External Forms Online Service 

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