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Nintex Promapp - SSO - Single Sign-on Mode


What does the "SSO - Single Sign-on Mode" Security setting do?


This allows you to enable the use of Single Sign-on in your Nintex Promapp site. To find this:
  1. Login to your Nintex Promapp site as a Promaster
  2. Admin --> Configure
  3. Expand the "Security" section
  4. It will be called "SSO - Single Sign-on Mode (Default: Off)"
There are 3 settings to choose from:
  1. "Off" - This will disable SSO in your site. Users will need to use their Username and Password to access Nintex Promapp
  2. "Optional" - This will allow users to log in to Nintex Promapp using SSO or using their Promapp Username and Password
  3. "Required" - Users must use their SSO credentials to access Nintex Promapp

Additional Information

Configuring Single Sign-On help documentation - Minimode | Promapp

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