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Nintex Promapp - Enable explicit process reviews Overview


How does 'Enable explicit process reviews' configuration work?


When 'Enable explicit process reviews' is ON, the 'Next Review Date' is automatically set to the date of first published. This then can be set to a specific calendar date for review by editing it. This setting allows for new versions to be published but the 'Next Review date' to stay a static deadline and will display on the process.
This then would be Reviewed on the 'Reviews' Dashboard on those deadlines by clicking "Reviewed It."

When this feature is turned OFF, the 'Next Review Date' will be removed from the Process Layout. This is because with this feature turned off, the 'Next Review Date' will be dynamic based on the last published version. The review timeline will be determined on 'Default process review frequency' in Admin Configure. This would mean every time an update was made and published, the review timer would reset.

With this feature OFF when the Review Time occurs, the user MUST make an edit (such as, click into an activity and changing nothing) then click publish. This will then clear the Review Dashboard notification and reset the timer.

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