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Nintex Customer Central Contacts


What are the differences in Permissions and Account Types in Nintex Customer Central?


- Admin: Access to everything
- Contact Management: Can add and remove contacts from the account
- Case Management: Can see and comment on cases created by anyone from the account vs. just their own
- Renew Contracts: Has access to the contract renewal form
- License Management: Has access to update licenses and download existing license files for on-prem
- Upgrade Contracts: Has access to not just renew the existing contract, but start the processes for adding additional products to an existing contract

Account Type:
- Primary Business Contact – “The Nintex Champion. Driving Nintex within the company; this is the go-to user for most interactions with Nintex as a company, and is most familiar with the current challenge that Nintex is solving.”
- Primary Billing Contact – “Responsible for the majority of the financial interactions, this user will be the key point of contact for the Nintex financial department.”
- Primary Renewal Contact – “Procurement specialist that is responsible for ensuring that all subscription based assets are licensed and billing information is up to date”
- Primary Technical Contact – “The Nintex Admin. Responsible for the installation and configuration of Nintex within the corporate environment, this user will be the first point of contact for Support, as well as service alerts, and announcements around new updates to the product.”
- Account Contact – “A line of business (LOB) user that uses Nintex as a participant on a day to day basis.”
- Support Contact – “A technical contact that works with the Nintex product, often a developer or member of the IT team.”

The Customer Central Admins will receive emails access requests or attempts to log in that are denied. The Admin permissions can be managed by another Customer Central Admin and can be removed from the email by removing the Admin permissions.

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