Managed Metadata With Nintex Forms


What support for Managed Metadata does Nintex Forms for SharePoint On-Prem have?



 In this example, a new document library will be created with Managed Metadata, so every time a new document is added to this document library, they will be tagged consistently.

This is applicable to Nintex Forms 2013 and 2010.



Create a document library

Click on Site Actions in the top right-hand corner and click on Add an App. Create a new Document Library and call it “Archived Legal Documents”.


In the Document Library, click on the Library tab, and then Nintex Forms. The Nintex Form will automatically populate with the Document Library columns.


Add a SharePoint column without leaving the Nintex Forms designer

This document library form requires one more column, and this is the Managed Metadata column. A new SharePoint column can be added directly from the Nintex Forms designer.


Click on the Create Column button in the Ribbon. This allows you to add a SharePoint column. In the Column Name, type “Category” and select Managed Metadata as the Type. Scroll down to the Term Set Settings section, add a term set to use from your SharePoint farm.


Note: The General Business Taxonomy in this example is available for download for SharePoint customers from WAND >




Click Ok. Locate the Managed Metadata control in the SharePoint category of the Control Toolbox. Move the Save and Cancel buttons down, and drag theManaged Metadata control onto the canvas below the Title input field.




Add a Label Control

In the General category, drag and drop a Label control onto the canvas, next to the Managed Metadata control. Double click on the label and call it “Assign a Category”.


Add Formatting

Use the Format Painter to copy formatting from one control to another. Click on the Title input control and select the Format Painter icon in the Ribbon.


Next, select the Assign a Category Managed Metadata control. The formatting will copy over. Repeat for the Assign a Category Label control.



Test the Form

Click Publish in the Ribbon and click Close to return to your SharePoint document library. When you add a new item, the form will appear and will ask you to fill in the form we just created.


Every time you add a new document to this document library, they will be tagged consistently, making them easier to find in the future.


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