Are you a "lurker?" We're glad you're here!

Poll created by Employee on Oct 30, 2017

reaperIt's Halloween season in various parts of the world, and we're addressing a "spooky" subject: Lurking. OK, so it's not that scary, but we're wondering:


Do you read content in Nintex Connect, but don't participate?


Like to visit, but prefer to sit on the sidelines?


Don't be afraid! We think you have value, too!


We'd like to know, what's holding you back from participating.

No time? Afraid of the reaction you'll get? Enjoy peaceful anonymity? 


We hope you'll overcome your desire to lurk just this once, log in and take this poll, and tell us your story in the comments section.  


Allow me to briefly tell you why I love lurkers and why I would like to know more about the ones in this community.


First, let's be honest, the so-called "1-9-90 rule" about how many people participate vs. how many lurk certainly has some truth to it. But if you don't participate, you're allowing the vocal members to control the dialogue in the community. That's okay, because the people who comment here are wonderful, helpful people. They're people who value everyone's voice, and I'd like you to consider adding yours. But if you participate, you can help shape the conversation.


oh noSecond, we're tracking the page views and other metrics in the community, and we know what gets the most traffic, but we'd like to know why so we can provide what you really want.  Your participation puts context on metrics that can help us make the community better. It's one thing to know that a lot of people are looking at a certain piece of content. It's quite another to see comments below the content to know why they're looking at it or what they think.  The more we know, the more we can craft content that is valuable to you.


Last, participation actually makes your experience better!  There are actually some studies indicating that people who engage with others in online forums find that their discussions are more worthwhile than if they merely read threads.  Could it be that you're missing out on an opportunity to connect with someone who can help you or who can learn from your experience? 


The fact is, you're part of the audience here, and a potential contributor. So, even though you're not in the habit of participating, you should know that we do care what you think.  Nintex Connect is an amazing forum with incredibly open, helpful people.  Even if you never dive in, at least now you know!


So don't be timid! Leave a comment below about why you tend to lurk rather than participate.


And if you are a regular participant, feel free to leave a comment about what makes you put forth the effort. It might help someone else start participating.

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  • I have to "reap" more information before I'm comfortable participating
  • I'm afraid of how people will react to my contributions
  • I don't want to contribute unless I have something worthwhile to say