Escalated Task Reminders

Poll created by barkerd Employee on Oct 12, 2017

The Nintex Workflow Cloud product team is in the process of delivering some exciting new task features. One of those features is the ability to create task reminders.  Task reminders are email messages that can be customized by the workflow designer and sent out at a specified duration. 


Today designers have the ability to escalate a task once the task due date has passed. When a task is escalated a email is sent to both the original assignee and the escalated assignee stating the task has been escalated.  


We would like to know your if having the ability to send escalated task reminders to the escalated assignee would be valuable and used?  Meaning, as a designer do you want the ability to send reminders to the person a task has been escalated too?  


Please comment below with the rationale/use case to your answer for the poll below.  We highly value your input as it helps the product team make informed decisions.

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  • Yes - Creating escalated task reminders is something I need and would use.
  • No - Creating escalated task reminders is NOT something I would use.