Have You Read The New Newsletter?

Poll created by frank.field@nintex.com Employee on Apr 3, 2017

Did you know we re-launched our community newsletter about a month ago? We hadn't done one since August because, quite honestly, I wanted something better than the one randomly-generated by our community platform.


The new ones are now sent by our email marketing team.  They will arrive every-other week.  The last one hit your inbox last Thursday.


Did you notice we re-started our email? Do you read them? Please let me know in the poll.  


And if you HAVE read the emails, please let me know in a comment below what you think would make them better!  Sure, I can see the email data, but that doesn't tell me what you WANT to see.  So chime in!



7 total votes
  • I haven't noticed the new emails
  • I noticed the new emails, but I haven't read them
  • I noticed the new emails, and I've read them (top voted)
  • I didn't know the emails ever stopped